IIT JAM 2024 Syllabus: Topics for Each Subject


IIT JAM 2024 Syllabus: one must look for the syllabus of the concerned subject that one has opted for in IIT JAM 2023. IIT Madras has released the IIT JAM 2024 syllabus along with the exam notification and information brochure. The exam will assess candidates’ knowledge based on their studies in their undergraduate courses. JAM 2024 exam will test the analytical, critical, and practical approaches of the students.

IIT JAM Biotechnology Syllabus 2024

General BiologyTaxonomy, Heredity, Genetic variation, Conservation, Principles of ecology, Evolution, Techniques in modern biology
Biochemistry and PhysiologyCarbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Nucleic acids, Enzymes, Vitamins, Hormones, Metabolism, Biochemical pathways, Physiology of different systems
Basic BiotechnologyTissue culture, Application of enzymes, Antigen-antibody interaction, Antibody production, Diagnostic aids
Molecular BiologyDNA, RNA, Replication, Transcription, Translation, Proteins, Lipids and Membranes, Operon model, Gene transfer
Cell BiologyCell cycle, Cytoskeleton elements, Mitochondria, Endoplasmic reticulum, Chloroplast, Golgi apparatus, Signaling
MicrobiologyIsolation, Cultivation, Structural features of virus, Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, Pathogenic micro-organisms

IIT JAM Chemistry Syllabus 2024

PhysicalBasic Mathematical concepts, Atomic and Molecular Structure, Theory of gases, Solid state, Chemical Thermodynamics
OrganicBasic concepts, Stereochemistry, Organic reaction mechanism, Synthetic applications, Qualitative organic Analysis
InorganicPeriodic table, Chemical bonding, Shapes of compounds, S and P block elements, Transition elements, Bio-inorganic chemistry
Instrumental AnalysisInstrumental Method of analysis, Analytical Chemistry

IIT JAM Geology Syllabus 2024

Planet EarthOrigin and Composition, Geosphere, Shape and size of the Earth, Interior of the Earth, Isostasy, Elements of Plate tectonics
GeomorphologyWeathering and erosion, Transportation and deposition, Structurally controlled landforms
Structural GeologyConcept of stratum, Outcrop patterns, Maps and cross-sections, Dip and strike, Folds, Faults, Joints, Unconformities
PaleontologyEvolution of life forms, Fossils preservation, Major evolutionary trends, Gondwana plant fossils
StratigraphyPrinciples of stratigraphy, Litho-, chrono-, and biostratigraphic classification, Distribution and classification of stratigraphic horizons
MineralogySymmetry and forms in common crystal classes, Physical properties of minerals, Classification, Structure of silicates

IIT JAM Mathematics Syllabus 2024

Sequences and SeriesConvergence of sequences, Bounded and monotone sequences, Convergence criteria for series, Double and triple integrals, Change of order of integration, Surface areas and volumes
Functions of Two or Three Real VariablesLimit, Continuity, Differentiability, Maxima and minima, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Vector Calculus
Group TheoryGroups, Subgroups, Abelian groups, Non-Abelian groups, Cyclic groups, Permutation groups, Normal subgroups, Lagrange’s Theorem, Group homomorphisms, Linear Algebra
Real AnalysisInterior points, Limit points, Open sets, Closed sets, Bounded sets, Connected sets, Compact sets, Completeness of R, Power series, Taylor’s series, Radius and interval of convergence

IIT JAM Physics Syllabus 2024

Mathematical MethodsCalculus of single and multiple variables, Vector algebra, Matrices and determinants, Differential equations, Complex numbers
Mechanics and General Properties of MatterNewton’s laws of motion, Motion under a central force, System of particles, Centre of mass, Elastic and inelastic collisions, Rigid body motion
Oscillations, Waves and OpticsDifferential equation for simple harmonic oscillator, Wave equation, Energy density and transmission, Interference of light, Diffraction gratings, Polarization, Double refraction
Electricity and MagnetismCoulomb’s law, Electric field and potential, Magnetic field, Inductance, Alternating currents, Maxwell’s equations, Electromagnetic induction, Lorentz Force, Electric and magnetic fields in matter
Kinetic theory, ThermodynamicsKinetic theory of gasses, Laws of thermodynamics, Zeroth law, First and second laws, Maxwell-Boltzmann, Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein distributions, Phase transitions

IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics Syllabus 2024

Sequences and SeriesConvergence of sequences, Differential Calculus, Limits, continuity, and differentiability of functions, Maxima and minima
Integral CalculusFundamental theorems of integral calculus, Double and triple integrals, Matrices, Determinants, Systems of linear equations
ProbabilityAxiomatic definition of probability, Random Variables, Standard Distributions, Joint Distributions, Sampling Distributions
EstimationUnbiasedness, Consistency and efficiency of estimators, Method of moments, Maximum likelihood, Sufficiency, Completeness, Testing of Hypotheses

Exam Pattern 2024

IIT JAM exam pattern 2024: on the official website. As per the pattern, candidates need to answer 60 questions, totaling 100 marks, within a 3-hour duration. The IIT JAM 2024 exam pattern provides an overview of question types and their distribution throughout the paper.



What subjects are covered in IIT JAM 2024?

The IIT JAM 2024 syllabus encompasses Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Mathematical Statistics, Economics, and Geology.

What topics are included in the IIT JAM BT 2024 syllabus?

The IIT JAM BT 2024 syllabus comprises Chemistry and Biology topics from the 10+2+3 level. You can find a detailed outline of the IIT JAM 2k24 Biotechnology syllabus in the above article.

Does the IIT JAM syllabus change annually?

No, the IIT JAM syllabus remains consistent each year. There have been no alterations to the syllabus for the current year, maintaining continuity with previous years.


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