GMAT Exam Pattern: Sections, Question Types, Time Restrictions


GMAT Exam Pattern 2024: Before you start studying for any exam, it’s important to understand its format and what topics it covers. The GMAT Exam Pattern includes 80 questions divided into four sections. These sections include different types of questions, some with clear answers and others where you need to express your thoughts. We’ll go over everything you need to know about the GMAT exam format. Overall, you’ll encounter 80 questions across four sections: Analytical Writing (write one essay in 30 minutes), Integrated Reasoning (solve 12 questions in 30 minutes), Quantitative Reasoning (answer 31 questions in 62 minutes), and Verbal Reasoning (respond to 36 questions in 65 minutes).

GMAT Exam Pattern 2024

GMAT Exam SectionNo. of Questions/ Time LimitGMAT Question TypeGMAT Score Range
Analytical Writing Assessment1 Topic (30 minutes)Analysis of an Argument0-6 (0.5-point increments)
Integrated Reasoning12 questions (30 minutes)Multi-Source Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis, Table Analysis1-8 (1-point increments)
Quantitative Reasoning31 questions (62 minutes)Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving6-51 (1-point increments)
Verbal Reasoning36 questions (65 minutes)Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction6-51 (1-point increments)
Total80 questions (3 hours 7 minutes)200 – 800
GMAT exam pattern
GMAT exam pattern

Latest Update on GMAT Pattern 2024

GMAT Focus Edition SectionNumber of QuestionsTimeGMAT Focus Edition Score Range
Quantitative Reasoning (QR)21 Questions45 Minutes60-90 (1-point Increment)
Verbal Reasoning (VR)23 Questions45 Minutes60-90 (1-point Increment)
Data Insights (DI)20 Questions45 Minutes60-90 (1-point Increment)
Total64 Questions2 Hours + 15 Minutes205-805 (10-point Increment)
Breaks1 Optional Break of 10 Minutes

They replaced the AWA section with a new section called Data Insights. Additionally, they removed Sentence Correction and incorporated Data Sufficiency into the Data Insights section.


GMAT Section Order 2024

GMAT Section OrderOrder 1Order 2Order 3
Analytical Writing AssessmentAnalytical Writing AssessmentVerbal ReasoningQuantitative Reasoning
Verbal ReasoningVerbal ReasoningQuantitative ReasoningIntegrated Reasoning
Quantitative ReasoningQuantitative ReasoningVerbal Reasoning
Integrated ReasoningIntegrated ReasoningIntegrated Reasoning
8-min break (optional)8min break (optional)8-min break (optional)
Quantitative ReasoningQuantitative Reasoning
Quantitative ReasoningVerbal Reasoning
Verbal ReasoningIntegrated Reasoning
8-min break (optional)
Verbal Reasoning
Integrated Reasoning
Integrated Reasoning
Analytical Writing AssessmentAnalytical Writing Assessment
Analytical Writing AssessmentAnalytical Writing Assessment

GMAT 2024: Test Centers vs Online Exam

AspectGMAT Pattern for Test CentreGMAT Pattern for Online Exam
Pattern & Sections
Quantitative Reasoning31 questions in 62 minutes31 questions in 62 minutes
Verbal Reasoning36 questions in 65 minutes36 questions in 65 minutes
Integrated Reasoning12 questions in 30 minutes12 questions in 30 minutes
Analytical Writing Assessment1 question in 30 minutes1 question in 30 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning6-516-51
Verbal Reasoning6-516-51
Integrated Reasoning1-81-8
Analytical Writing Assessment0-60-6
Total Duration3 hours + 7 minutes3 hours + 7 minutes
Number of Breaks2 breaks of 8 minutes each (optional)2 breaks of 8 minutes each (optional)
GMAT Exam Fees in India$275$300
Attempts Allowed5 attempts in 12 months5 attempts in 12 months
Lifetime Attempts8 attempts in one’s lifetime8 attempts in one’s lifetime
Gap Between AttemptsA gap of 16 calendar days between 2 subsequent eventsA gap of 16 calendar days between 2 subsequent events
Validity5 years5 years
Score Report Availability
Unofficial Score ReportImmediately after the GMAT exam (quant, verbal, IR, and total)Immediately after the GMAT exam (quant, verbal, IR, and total)
Official Score Report7-20 days (quant, verbal, IR, AWA, and total)7-20 days (quant, verbal, IR, AWA, and total)
Appointment Availability7 days a weekAround the clock
Booking WindowCan be booked up to 6 months in advanceCan be booked up to 6 months in advance and up to 24 hours before the availability of an exam slot
Scratch Work
Materials for Scratch Work5-page laminated booklet and two dry-erase markersPhysical whiteboard, online whiteboard, or both
Score Sending
First Five Complimentary Score ReportsSent to institutions chosen on the day of the GMAT examCan be sent within 48 hours of receiving the official score
Additional Score Reports$35 each$35 each


Can I choose the order of sections in the GMAT Exam?

Yes, you can select the order in which you tackle the sections on the GMAT Exam. However, once you begin a section, you must complete it before moving on to the next one.

What does the GMAT Exam pattern entail?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) evaluates the skills of candidates applying for graduate management programs. It consists of four sections: Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. The total duration of the exam is 3 hours and 7 minutes.

Is there a penalty for guessing on the GMAT Exam?

No, there is no penalty for guessing on the GMAT Exam. As the exam is computer-adaptive, the difficulty of questions adjusts based on the test-taker’s performance. Therefore, test-takers are encouraged to answer every question.


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