GATE Subject Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering 2024


Discover the essential GATE subject-wise weightage for Civil Engineering in 2024. Optimize your preparation with insights into the distribution of marks across key topics, ensuring a strategic approach for success. Unlock the pathway to GATE triumph with our comprehensive guide.

GATE Subject Wise Weightage 2024: A Comprehensive Overview


Understanding the GATE Subject Wise Weightage for 2024 is crucial for effective exam preparation. This comprehensive guide provides insights into the distribution of marks and questions across various sections, helping students streamline their study plans.


GATE Subject Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering
GATE Subject Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering

GATE 2024 Subject Wise Weightage Overview

Section A: General Aptitude

Section AMarksNumber of Questions
General Aptitude1510

The General Aptitude section encompasses Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Aptitude, and Spatial Aptitude. It consists of 5 questions carrying 1 mark each and 5 questions carrying 2 marks each.

Section B: Course-Specific Papers

Detailed weightage information for various courses is provided below.

GATE 2024 Subject Wise Weightage: Section A (General Aptitude)

GATE General Aptitude 2024 Chapter Wise Weightage: Difficulty Level

Year-wise difficulty levels for the General Aptitude section:

  • 2023: Moderate-Difficult
  • 2022: Moderate-Difficult
  • 2021: Easy
  • 2020: Moderate-Easy
  • 2019: Easy

GATE Subject Wise Weightage 2024 for Civil Engineering

The GATE Civil Engineering exam covers topics such as Fluid Mechanics, Irrigation, Steel Structure, etc. Understanding the subject-wise weightage is crucial for targeted preparation.

Important Points:

  • General Aptitude, Engineering Maths, Environmental Engineering, and Geotechnical Engineering usually have the highest weightage.
  • Question types: MCQs (31-34), MSQs (7-9), NAT (20-22).
  • Overall difficulty: Moderate-Difficult

Subject Wise Weightage for Civil Engineering

Topic/Subject1 Mark Questions2 Mark QuestionsWeightage (Total Marks out of 100)
General Aptitude5515
Engineering Mathematics2-34-511-13
Geotechnical Engg3-45-614-16
Environmental Engg2-33-48-11
Fluid Mechanics0-112-3
Highway Engg1-21-24-6
Structural Analysis0-11-23-5
Building Materials & CPM101
Strength of Materials0-12-35-7
Steel Structure1-21-24-6
Concrete Structures1-20-13-4
Engineering Mechanics0-10-11-3


Prioritizing topics based on GATE Subject Wise Weightage 2024 is a strategic approach for effective preparation. Stay focused on high-weightage areas while maintaining a well-rounded study plan to ace the GATE exam. Utilize this comprehensive guide to enhance your study strategy and optimize your chances of success. Good luck!


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